• I have yet to find any issues with the beautiful black alligator holster you made for my Glock 43.  The design, fit and finish are wonderful.  The holster pulls the gun in close to the body when worn above the hip and I hardly even know I am wearing the holster.  The way it is designed, I do not need a sweat shield as most of the slide is covered.  In brief, it is a beautiful and highly functional holster that I will proudly wear for concealed carry for many years to come.   – Norm Marek
  • Your holsters have been my daily carry since day one. They are absolutely top notch. If a photo of the holstered gun with my custom MOP grips will help I’ll be glad to send some. Let me know.  – John Ward
  • The holster arrived yesterday. It is a work of art. If anything, you understated the quality. I will use it for a Glock 35 which I have on order. – Victor Stella
  • I received the package today and opened it up eagerly.  What I saw within was beyond my expectations.  What a beautiful rig.  Honestly, John, it is just magnificent.  The color, patterning, and craftsmanship are awesome.  Great job, brother.  You are the man.  I love the elephant even more than the black gator.  Just exquisite.  I can’t wait to wear it and show it off to all my friends and family.  Can’t wait to get another rig for Christmas.  Thank you. – Armando
  • I just wanted to let you know that the holster and mag pouch got here today; wow – incredibly beautiful!  I’m sitting here looking at them now – easily the best looking, best quality holster I’ve ever seen much less owned. But the most beautiful holster is not much good unless it works – and these are going to work great. The guns and magazines fit perfectly; tight but they come out easily and smoothly. The holster fits nice and tight against my side, making a full size gun conceal better than some compacts I have. – Wayne Cobb
  • I received the belt today. More than I expected! Perfect fit. That pattern is beautiful. Finished edge is impressive. Like the weight. Nice looking buckle. High quality overall. [you want see this quality in a western store]. Will definitely reccomend you to friends.
    Thank you a bunch! – Bob
  • The holster is perfect.  It looks great, and the fit is dead nuts on.  It really couldn’t be any better, and that is the truth. I was going to give it to him for his birthday, but will wait til Christmas now ( B’day was 11/7).  He is going to throw a fit. Thanks again and I will pour through my stuff to see what we need for gun leather so I can make this one up to you. – Mitch
  • I love this holster, I put it on and never felt it again. The most comfortable rig I have ever owned. By far superior quality and detail compared to the large well known makers.  Looking forward to my next piece of gun art. – Jim Russell   Fairbanks, Alaska